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Model Application for Teacher Transfer - 2015 (Options will not work, this form is only for idea)

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Personal Details
1.District :
2.Zonal Code :
3.Mandal :
4.Name of the Individual seeking Transfer :
5.Employee Treasury Code :
6.Date of Birth :
7.Gender :
8.Maritial Status :
9.Category of the Post :
10.Subject :
11.Medium of School :
12. Management of the School :
13.School Type :
14.Name of the School :
15.School Code :

16.Date from which the Individual is working in the Present School in all Categories of Posts.

17.Category Of the School :
17(A). Is there any change in Category Of the School in Previous 8yrs :

18.Whether the Individual has completed 8 yrs of Service as on 31st May, 2015 in All Categories of Posts in Punchayat/School.

19.Whether the Individual is Male Headmaster Grade-II/Teacher Aged below 50 years as on 31st May, 2015 of the year and working in Girls High School :
20.Rationalization(Have you affected under Rationalization process)
21.Date of First Appointment in service: (DD/MM/YYYY)
22.Whether he/she is President or General Secretary of the District/State of Recognized Association:
23.Whether spouse is Employee of State Govt/Central Govt/Public Sector Undertaking/Local body / Aided Institution in the same district(in the same zone for Gazetted Head Master, Gr.II in Govt Schools ) :
24.Whether the Teacher availed the benefit under Individual/Spouse Category During the Last 8 years as on 31st May, 2015 :
25.Whether the HeadMaster Gr.II Gazetted / Teacher is working as NCC Officer
26.Whether the Teacher willing to Teach in English Medium in English Medium Schools/Parallel Sections :
27.Whether the Physical Science Teacher is willing to Teach Mathematics in Future :
28.Performance Parameters

A.The Teachers who have got National or State award issued by the Central / State Government.
B. The Teachers who have enrolled 100% children in the school and who have taken steps to reduce the drop out rate / out of school children, and also who are regular to school, sincere in discharging duties.
29.Teacher Irregular attendence / Unauthorised absence, not completing syllabus
30.Whether the individual availed the benefit under Preferential category during the last 8 years as on 31st May, 2015 :
31. Whether the individual wants to claim under Preferential Category (Yes/No):
31. Select Disease:
32.Mobile Number :